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Why do the Brands Prefer TDI for Airport Advertising in India?

The Indian Airport Advertising scenario is now full with numerous Airport Advertising Agencies claiming to provide the best services. In spite of this competition, a name, which has always stood out as a favourite of all brands advertising at the airports, has been TDI International India (P) Limited. Let us look at some of the reasons why TDI has stood tall for all these years of Airport Advertising India.

Unbeatable Experience

With 28 years of experience in executing high impact Airport Advertising Campaigns, TDI’s knowledge and expertise in the field is unbeatable. This experience allows the brands with the luxury of placing trust and confidence on the premier agency to execute campaigns in a prompt and professional manner.

Strategically Selected Airports

The 9 airports where TDI has exclusive advertising rights, viz. Chennai, Kolkata, Ahmedabad, Pune, Cochin, Goa, Calicut, Trivandrum, and Tirupati are strategically selected and cover all regions of India. With its DMRC advertising wing mapping Delhi and NCR, the airports of Ahmedabad, Goa and Pune conveniently cover the western regions, Kolkata introduces your brand to the audiences flying into the eastern and northeastern regions and Chennai, Cochin, Calicut, Trivandrum and Tirupati comprehensively map the south.

Airport Advertising Chandigarh, airport advertising, airport advertising agency

Strong Network

A strong pan India network has been something which TDI has always focused on. This network allows the Airport Advertising Agency to smoothly execute and maintain multiple campaigns at the same time throughout India.

Excellent Problem Solving

TDI is well-known in Airport Advertising India for its ability to provide practical and fast solutions to problems which may arise in the planning, ideation or installation processes of the campaign. The brands rest assured as they have seen from experience that TDI will effectively remove any stymie which comes in the way.

The above are some of the top reasons for TDI to stand out in the field of Airport Advertising India. TDI has been a leader in the field since the time it introduced Airport Advertising in India in 1987.


Why is Airport Advertising an Interactive Medium?

Kolkata-Media6-567x464 Airport Advertising is one of the most interactive mediums available. Such is the quotient of interactivity that the airports have become a regular platform for product launches of a few companies. For example, in India, Airport Advertising is regularly used for car launches and mobile phone launches. Some of the reasons why airports become an ideal place to host interactive campaigns have been discussed here.

Any place where the consumer can interact with the product or service in a direct manner or through the representatives should have a comfortable environment. Airports, due to a number of reasons, have the best environments in the outdoor medium. Spacious lounges, closed and air conditioned environments provide the coolest and calmest surroundings with very high comfort levels. The well lit conditions also play their part in improving the conditions for excellent interactions. Kolkata-Media4-567x464Airport Advertising Agencies with exclusive advertising rights can also allot spaces on ground (apart from the wall mounts and hoardings). Displays placed on ground take the levels of interactivity to whole new levels.

The security of the airports also plays a crucial role in entrusting a confidence in the audiences. The high dwell time means that there are ample opportunities for complete interactivity. Thus, airports are the best transit stations where the audiences can interact with your brand in a comfortable environmentKolkata-Media5-567x464 and unrushed manner. Add Airport Advertising to your kitty of advertising avenues that you try out this time and join the hundreds of brands which benefit from the High Returns on Investment (RoI) resulting due to the high interactivity.

Airport Advertising – Alive and Kicking

“Everything is eventually replaced by the new”, is how the saying goes. Airport Advertising, to the delight of the Airport Advertising Agencies, seems to be immune to this statement. If the Indian Airports are taken as a case of study, what was started by TDI International India P Limited in 1986 still remains popular after 27 years. Major brands continue to reap the benefits of Airport Advertising in India.

Airport Advertising’s status as the king of OOH Advertising was recently reiterated one more time when Apple launched its iPhone 5s campaigns at the Indian Airports. The provided images are from Chennai International Airport where the Totems, Frontlits, and Backlits declared the arrival of the latest iPhone. Travelers waiting at the Airports are in a leisurely mood and thus the Airport Ads enjoy premium viewership time.

Totems,Airport Advertising India
Airport Advertising India

Airport Advertising Agencies in India tackled the competition from the new forms of advertising with innovation and high impact ads. For example, the larger than life Totems, placed right at the center of the waiting lounge, form an imposing the presence, making it impossible for the audience to escape its impact. Through such innovations and through happy clients like Apple, Airport Advertising India not only survives into the age of online advertising, but is alive and kicking.

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