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Airport Advertising – A Premium Medium for Affluent Target Groups

If your brand’s target groups include premium audiences from the affluent SEC A, A+, Airport Advertising is the best medium for its promotional campaigns. A primary difference, which separates higher end brands, is that the promotional activities also use branding tactics apart from the simple solicitation for the products and services. It is in this context, where branding becomes an additional requirement, that the airports boast of the most feasible environments for achieving such aims.

A branding event requires extended durations of interaction with the audiences. It cannot utilize a common “impress and persuade” attitude like any other Advertising Campaign. The airports, with their comfortable environment and the best transit station facilities, are platforms where this interaction can take place with convenience. This means that the high dwell time is not only encouraging from the point of view of time duration, but the audiences, in an airport, are also in a calm and comfortable frame of mind. Among all OOH formats, Airport Advertising Displays have the maximum time to impress. For example, Airport Advertising in India provides your brand with an audience dwell time of 55 minutes to 2 hours. Imagine the brand impact which 2 hours of visibility before an audience can do.

Air travel is also one of the most natural (and hence reliable) ways of separating the premium audience. Though, the entrance of low cost airlines have also included the upper middle class in the parameter of air travel, most of the regular air travelers still hold prominent positions in organizations and society. If your brand demands an elite audience, you do not need to look any farther than Airport Advertising.


Wish Your Consumers New Year with TDI Airport Advertising

Trivandrum1 It’s New Years Eve Again! – Time for implementing resolutions and plans, both for your personal life and your business. One of the best ways for your brand to step into the New Year is by enhancing your brand image. For such missions, of increasing the goodwill points of your brand’s target groups, there is no other platform better than Airport Advertising in India.

Associating with TDI International India (P) Limited provides you with the power of using 9 busy airports in India for the cause. You can wish a happy new year to your target groups in eastern India with Kolkata Airport Advertising, the south with Airport Advertising at Chennai, Cochin, Calicut, Trivandrum & Tirupati, and the central and western parts at the airports of Ahmedabad, Pune and Goa. The airports are currently featuring the holiday crowd. Get your brand to be a part of the audience’s festive spirit.Trivandrum2Apart from the festive spirit, New Year is also a time for heavy purchases. It is a time when people buy gifts for friends and family and new items for self and households. Wishing the audiences a happy new year is the simplest way of ensuring a good brand recall rate during the season of sales. Announcing discounts, in the same vein, will increase the impact of the display by many levels. Most of the Airport Advertising Campaigns, which TDI executes during this period, take both the month of December and January into their duration. Jump into the bandwagon and enjoy the rich benefits of associating with the first Airport Advertising Agency in India.

Advertise before the ISL Football Fans at the Airports in India

Airport Advertising in India has been receiving a unique crowd during the ongoing ISL (Indian Super League) football tournament. The airports at the venues for the matches are seeing a rise in the supporters of the teams playing there. Brands with presence at these airports are enjoying visibility before additional audiences, thanks to the largest football presentation of India.

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Airports of cities like Chennai, Kolkata, Kochi, Pune and Goa have become the gateways for the venue of the popular football event. The ISL, which finally began its first tournament this year after many stymies, has gained much popularity to the delight of football fans. The love for football was always perceived to be limited to a few parts in India like West Bengal, Goa and the Northeast. The ISL shattered this misconception as fans from all parts of the country are turning up at the venues. Airport Advertising at the above places, now have large mobs of bustling fans storming the airports to cheer for their favorite team. It seems the recent development and expansion works at the airports could not have come at a better time. The larger and more developed terminals are easily holding the sudden increase in traffic, keeping the uncluttered environment intact.

Promoting your brand before football fans, who are full of enthusiasm, is always a good idea. An audience filled enthusiasm is a good receptor of brand messages. The humor, impact, and other emotions targeted by the Ad are automatically magnified in such cases. Contact the Airport Advertising Agency with rights at the airports of these venues to share the joy of ISL Football Tournament.

Airport Advertising in Kerala is the Best Way for Global Branding

Airport Advertising in India has been providing premier locations of promotional activities of brands since 1987. Apart from offering visibility before highly affluent audiences, airports are also prominent platforms for global branding. Among the airports in India, Cochin Airport, Calicut Airport, and Trivandrum Airport are considered the best for creating a brand impact before an international audience.

Kerala is the state which has the highest foreign remittance. It also sees a high volume of international traffic every year. Through airport advertising at the 3 airports of Kerala, these audiences can be approached right at the gateTDI-Cochin-Media-567x464 (2)way to the state. These 3 airports are the best performing locations in terms of global branding for the clients of TDI International India (P) Limited, the Airport Agency with exclusive advertising rights there. Impressing international audiences at these airports not only means branding before the world but it also increases the chances of conversion. This is due to the high buying power of such audiences. The third opportunity which exists in the platforms of Cochin Airport Advertising, Calicut Airport Advertising, and Trivandrum Airport Advertising, comprises of key alliances and partnerships with firms and companies from relevant industries. The growth rates of Kerala in terms of airports’ audience strength and tourists and business travelers from overseas are also showing encouraging trends.Cochin2

If your brand has plans to start or increase the impact of global branding, an association with Kerala Airport Advertiser is the quickest way to the get there. It also helps that promotional campaigns at the airports of Kerala come with high RoI (Returns on Investment).

Airport Advertising is an Ideal Offline Platform for Ecommerce Brands

services_airports5 Airport Advertising is an ideal platform where ecommerce brands can run offline promotional campaigns. Due to the unique benefits of Airport Advertising Medium, brands operating from the internet can ensure that they are visible in the outdoor sites too apart from their online presence.

The long durations of visibility of the Airport Advertising Sites make up for the short periods of visibility which online ads suffer from. This is the reason why even ecommerce brands utilize Airport Advertising. An example of such an exercise is the campaign which TDI is running for at the Chennai Airport and Kolkata Airport. Another vital reason, for the medium’s popularity among even ecommerce brands, is that the airports are some of the best places to find regular users of the internet. A majority of airport audiences include business travelers and other frequent travelers. They are the ones who are in the need of being constantly connected and thus have high consumptions of internet. Advertising before them gives your brand the advantage of visibility before an audience who are most likely to use online platforms for purchasing products and services.services_airports3The modern age of competition demands that the range of visibility not only needs to be wide but also have a high accuracy in targeting. Airport Advertising brings some of the most appropriate target audiences for ecommerce brands. As shown by, associating with an Airport Advertising Agency can work wonders for your brand. Let your online business get the benefits of attracting offline crowds with Airport Advertising.

Ecommerce Giant Uses Airport Advertising in India

DSC02181Airport Advertising in India reiterated its position as the king of OOH with ecommerce leaders using sites at 2 of the busiest TDI India Airports. has put up its sub-brand at the Chennai Airport and Kolkata Airport as a part of their branding exercise in India. TDI International India (P) Limited, a Leading Airport Advertising Agency in India, has exclusive rights at these airports and is currently running’s campaigns there.

So what does this campaign signify for the Airport Advertising Industry? It is a vital step as a leading ecommerce company is using the Airport Medium for offline promotion. A vital reason for this is the highly affluent audiences belonging to cities who are regular users of internet. They form a major part of the consumers of ecommerce and are thus high value targets. When the additional benefits of Advertising at the Airports are considered, it makes perfect sense to go for Airport Advertising. The efficiency of the medium in creating a powerful impact on the minds and choices of the audiences is imminent when we consider that an ecommerce company as highly reputed as has opted to use it for branding solutions.arr pass.movement (1)

With the importance placed on Localized Advertising nowadays, TDI’s campaign also has been customized to suit the same. While the ad copy at the Kolkata Airport read “Want Best Deals in Kolkata?”, the same for the Chennai Airport has been changed to “Want Best Deals in Chennai?”. With using TDI’s services, it is a noteworthy moment in the Advertising Industry in India when the top ecommerce company and the Top Airport Advertising Agency in India have come together.

Why is Airport Advertising an Interactive Medium?

Kolkata-Media6-567x464 Airport Advertising is one of the most interactive mediums available. Such is the quotient of interactivity that the airports have become a regular platform for product launches of a few companies. For example, in India, Airport Advertising is regularly used for car launches and mobile phone launches. Some of the reasons why airports become an ideal place to host interactive campaigns have been discussed here.

Any place where the consumer can interact with the product or service in a direct manner or through the representatives should have a comfortable environment. Airports, due to a number of reasons, have the best environments in the outdoor medium. Spacious lounges, closed and air conditioned environments provide the coolest and calmest surroundings with very high comfort levels. The well lit conditions also play their part in improving the conditions for excellent interactions. Kolkata-Media4-567x464Airport Advertising Agencies with exclusive advertising rights can also allot spaces on ground (apart from the wall mounts and hoardings). Displays placed on ground take the levels of interactivity to whole new levels.

The security of the airports also plays a crucial role in entrusting a confidence in the audiences. The high dwell time means that there are ample opportunities for complete interactivity. Thus, airports are the best transit stations where the audiences can interact with your brand in a comfortable environmentKolkata-Media5-567x464 and unrushed manner. Add Airport Advertising to your kitty of advertising avenues that you try out this time and join the hundreds of brands which benefit from the High Returns on Investment (RoI) resulting due to the high interactivity.

Advertising India Gears up for Rs. 2,000 Crore Brand Spend during Festive Season 2014

Trivandrum Advertising India is jumping with anticipation at the prospects of higher spending by the brands on promotional activities and marketing campaigns on the occasion of this year’s festive season. According to an article published on August 25, 2014 in the Economic Times of India, the total brand expenditure during this festive season in India will be Rs. 2,000 Crore. This would be enough to break a few records of recent times and pull the Advertising Industry back to happy days after the relatively low performance last year.

The reasons for such expectations this year are manifold. Pune-The most prominent reasons for this bright prospect include a stable economic and political situation in the country, new product and service launches, and improvement in the infrastructure of the mediums. All these circumstances have led to a much better environment for prospects for high buying by the consumers. It is this realization that has the brands increasing their spending on promotions, in a race for prominence and visibility during this crucial phase of the year. Advertising India is already seeing an increase in brand spending as the brands enter the race of the early birds.

Another prominent change in the pattern of Advertising inTirupati India has been the use of both OOH and the online medium by the brands. Advertising Agencies, which offer a wide range of platforms, are likely to benefit from this attempt at all round visibility by the brands. This can be accredited to the success of smartphones in India. As the brands are bending over backwards to make up for last year, this festive season is sure to deliver on the expectations.

Airport Advertising in India Preparing for the Festive Season

Calicut Airport Advertising Agencies in India are prepared to tackle the busiest time of the year. Beginning October, the markets in India will see increased activity as the season of festivals begin and the brands attract the consumers with offers and discounts. Since the long season of festivals is also the time when the consumers travel around to their relatives’ places and vacations, the transit stations become an ideal place to target them.

The airports in India have always been the most premium of all Transit Station Advertising. This year, the various sectors anticipate better performances than last year due to a variety of reasons. Though the economy of the country has not completely recovered, it is in a much more stable position than last year. There are also a number of new products and services from a wide variety of industries waiting to be launched during the festive season. Airport Advertising Agencies in India have already begun witnessing a distinct increase in brand spending on the occasion of the festive season. Hence, a far better performance by the advertising industry is anticipated.Ahemdabad

TDI International India (P) Limited is leading the charge with all of its premier airports preparing to handle the increased Airport Product Displays and Ad Displays. Due to the consumers being in a spending mood, this is the best time to attract high returns on investment. The opportunity of attracting consumers from the most premier advertising sites has been pulling brands towards it since the medium began in 1987.

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